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* Collagen is the glue that holds the
body together

* Collagen is the most abundant
structural protein in the body

* 75% of the dermis consists of
collagen and it accounts for 90%
of dermal volume

* Collagen builds scar tissue to
assist in healing damaged skin

* From the age of approximately 25-35
years onwards the body loses collegan
at a rate of 1.5% per year

The Encore Collagen and skin

* The Encore Collagen is a perfect
compliment to all skin enhancement
regimes, for example Botox and
collagen injections, Restylane
and Newfill.

* The Encore Collection can
be taken to enhance the results
of these benefits for the whole

* The effects of orally injesting the
Encore Collagen are cumulative
Connective Tissue

* Connective tissue consists of
tendons, ligaments, muscles and
cartilage and is the supportive
structure of all joints.

* Collagen is the most abundant
structural protein in all
connective tissue.

* Collagen therefore has a key role
to play in such disorders as
arthritis and musculo-skeketal

* The Encore Collagen naturally
contains both glucosamaine and
condroitin and can therefore help
repair, regenerate and renew
connective tissue.
The Encore Collagen targets:

* Aging Skin
* Wrinkles
* Frown Lines
* Crows Feet and lines around
the mouth and nose.
* Under-nourished skin
* Sun damaged skin
* Dry and cracked skin
* Scarring and wound healing

The Encore Collagen works all
over the body

Face Lifts

* There are many face-lift
programs and treatments on
the market. These mostly
work on the surface of the
skin and their effects are

* The Encore Collagen works
inside the body, all over the
body, at the level of the dermis
and its effects are cumulative
Weight Management

* If taken regularly, collagen
can preserve and build and
replenish lean muscle mass
and encourage the body to
shed fat.

* The Encore Collagen may
therefore help with inch loss
and cellullite.
Works on the whole Body

* Skin * Nails * Hair
*Teeth * Bones
* Connective Tissue

Look Good and Feel Good!

* The Encore Collagen
rejuvenates, regenerates and
revitalizes the skin all
over the body,

* Replaces lost elasticity

* Smooths out fine lines and

* Firms and tones the skin

* Repairs and regenerates
connective tissue

These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

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