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Collagen Supplements Keeps You Feeling and Looking Younger
Collagen Supplements,take charge of the way you look and feel

Let's start with what happens to your body as you age. In your teens and early 20's there is an abundance of growth hormone, this promotes the growth of muscles, tendons and ligaments. Because collagen is the natural protein in our bodies, when we get into our mid twenties obviously the growth hormone diminishes and stops. The Collagen produced by the liver is used to promote healthy muscles and build existing muscles. So taking Collagen Supplement at an early age can help keep the collagen in your body, keeping it stronger as you grow older
From the age of 25-45 you have approximately 75% of the collagen in your body that is needed for optimum health.Tap into a wealth of beauty and good health with Collagen Supplements

Users of collagen capsules have all reported:
Reduction in fine lines
Reduction in wrinkles
Reduction in stretch marks
Reduction in cellulite
Reduction in joint pain
Improved hair & nails
Collagen Supplements are 100% Collagen Capsules and a natural safe food protein. No need for injections, it works on the whole body. Makes you look good and feel good. Also helps in weight reduction.

Collagen is the most abundant tissue in the body. The connective tissue acts as a cementing substance between cells. So taking an effective Collagen Supplement rebuilds the connective tissue, therefore allowing movement of toxins and fats for disposal and nutrition and hydration back to the cells general health. The 100% Pure Collagen is a unique formula which allows the appropriate amino acids to bond to the collagen. This combination ensures the collagen is properly absorbed by the body and the formula is effective.
Collagen Supplement helps to promote healthy teeth, nails and strengthen hair. Don't forget that when the collagen starts to decress from our bodies the wrinkles began to form giving that older appearance. Taking a Collagen supplement helps to smoothe out those wrinkles. Pumps up the skin, reduces lines, plus improves the skins elasticity. You have firmer and more even toned skin with a glowing complexion.
Why is the Collagen Supplement so effective?

Encore Collagen consists of 100% Pure Collagen the only 100% Pure Collagen available in the US. Each natural Collagen Supplement capsule contains 1500 mg of 100% pure hydrolised pharmaceutical grade Type II Collagen.

100% Pure Collagen is a non-invasive alternative to Botox and Collagen injections. Some people experience an improvement in the skin, joints and over all well being after taking the Collagen Supplement for just a few weeks, others may take longer.

Due to the unique formula that Encore Collagen produces,it sets them apart from
anything else you can buy. The most common source of Collagen is derived from plants or sharks. Plant collagen has a low absorption rate and shark collagen from sharks cartilage tends to be very expensive. Collagen from chickens is a good source and this type is particularly suited to joint relief. The Encore Collagen is now produced in the United States.


Treat The Symptom Not The Cause!

Collagen Supplement helps ease those aches and pains we have in our bodies as we age. Taking a Collagen Supplement helps reduce oxidative damage to joints, this therefore stimulates significant reduction to joint pain, swelling and tenderness. Collagen Supplement improves and replenishes lean muscle mass and improves the management of the body's fat. It also improves cellulite and weight problems.
Because I care about you, my valued customers, and your well being I offer Free shipping and Handling. Now available "The Encore Collagen" 100% Pure Collagen Capsules. The Encore Collagen Capsules provides the consumer the ultimate formulation for aches and pains, plus skin care.

These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

Stop wondering, and start living a better life. Get your Collagen Supplements.

There are many other collagen products on the market and this unique
formula of pure Type II collagen is what we call Encore Collagen. Type II
Collagen sets it apart from anything else you could buy. The most common
sources of Collagen are derived from plants, sharks. Plant collagen is very
different than animal collagen and therefore has an extemely low
absorption rate. Shark collagen from shark cartilage tends to be very
expensive and although has some merit in cancer prevention, the absorbency
rate for humans is still quite low. Collagen from chicken is a good
source and this type is particulary suited to joint relief. This Collagen
has a 95% absorbency rate.

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