Botox Q&A: How Long Does Botox Last and What Makes the Effects Last Longer?

Question – How long does Botox last? What determines how long it will work for me?

Answer – In most patients, Botox lasts between 3-4 months. However, there’s quite a bit of anecdotal evidence suggesting that it’s possible for patients to achieve results that last up to 6, 9 or even 12 months after consistent, long-term and properly-administered use of the Botox product.

In other words, what determines how long the effects of Botox lasts is:

  1. the dosage (and whether or not it’s been properly diluted)
  2. the duration & consistency of use
  3. the skill/experience of the injector or surgeon who administers the injection

The x factor within the “consistent, long-term and properly-administered” conditional I included is, of course, “properly administered”. After all, consistent treatments over several years will matter very little if the wrong amount of Botox has been injected imprecisely/incorrectly. That’s why 2 of the 3 factors explored in this post address it (re: ‘dosage’ and ‘skill/experience of the Botox injector‘).

1. Dosage: Why injecting & diluting the proper amount of Botox = key

Botox injection units dosage

Recommended Botox dosage (in units) – American Society of Plastic Surgeons.

The first factor that impacts the longevity of Botox’s winkle-reducing effects is the dosage. Botox is diluted for safe use regardless of the injection site, so the impact it has on the surface is largely dependent upon the amount of injections. The site of injection will determine the amount of injections you receive.

Botox Vial - Albany NY Plastic Surgeon William DeLuca

A single-use vial of Botox

There are 43 individual muscles in your face and each of them has different strengths depending on their placement within the face. Different areas require different dosages – and within each area, the dose-range varies widely – so it’s critical that the surgeon be able to accurately determine the correct amount.

For example, treatment of crow’s feet is relatively simple and requires 8 – 14 units per side. On the other hand, the knot of muscle between the eyebrows, known as the glabella area, is much stronger and requires 18 – 36 units to smooth out that area alone.

Of course, the patient’s physical makeup and lifestyle will also affects how long Botox has. On the one hand, patients with particularly thick muscles in their face will require more injections in order to enact the desired effect. The thicker muscles are more difficult to affect with injections because they require the same depth, so more shots are used rather than altering safety techniques.

On the other hand, the injections tend to dissipate faster in athletic patients. The body’s healing abilities will work faster to eliminate the solution. The good news is that regardless of your makeup, as with any beauty regimen, the longer you are consistent with Botox, the weaker the wrinkle-causing facial muscles will become, and thus, the longer the effects of Botox will last.

2. Frequency of Use: After several years of Botox, results often last longer

The second factor affecting how long Botox lasts is the duration and frequency of use. And while there isn’t much non-anecdotal evidence to support the widely held theory that consistent use of Botox over several years can lead to results that last up to 9 or 12 months, I expect we’ll see a long-term study published on the topic in the very near future).

That said, based on my own experience with several thousand Botox patients (and discussions with other plastic surgeons who’ve injected 1,000s of patients as well), I’m confident that the connection/correlation is strong.

3. Skill & Experience: Both are needed to optimally target each injected unit

This brings us to the third influencing factor: the injector who is heralding the needle. He or she carries the most knowledge about the proper applications, and will have a direct impact on whether the injections will have the desired effect.

It is essential that a trained professional is applying the Botox to your skin. In the wrong hands, botulinum toxin can be dangerous. It is extremely important that you always seek a physician who:

  • Is board certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery
  • Has extensive experience with Botox and other injectable fillers

Although it is not a highly intrusive procedure, correctly and precisely administering Botox to wrinkles in the face requires a great deal of skill and experience. So do be sure to find a surgeon who does a lot of facial work and who will gently inject the precise amount of Botox into the specific muscles that cause wrinkles. Otherwise, your facial expressions may be negatively impacted by this minimally invasive procedure.

Botox Q&A: How Long Does Botox Last and What Makes the Effects Last Longer? by William DeLuca, MD – board certified plastic surgeon at DeLuca Plastic Surgery in Albany, NY.

DeLuca Plastic Surgery – Albany NY

Body sculpturing for Men

Are you a man interested in body sculpturing? A lot of cosmetic surgical operations now days have attracted the interest of men just as they did with women and liposuction is certainly one of them. The term is taken from two words – “lipo” which means fat and “suction”. Hence the procedure mainly involves the removal of fat deposits in order to shape the body into a more attractive and desirable form. It is also good to note that liposuction is different to a body lift.

Now liposuction was originally intended and frequented by women but is now fairly popular among men as well particularly those who wish to have a more sculpted and masculine body. The procedure is done primarily to shape target areas of the patient’s body by eliminating and sculpting stubborn fat deposits.

A lot of people tend to think of it as a weight loss solution which is certainly not the case. As a matter of fact, people who are overweight aren’t actually an ideal candidate for the procedure.

About liposuction for men

In the highly competitive world, it is certainly important to look your best and that remains true for both men and women. Most men naturally want to look young and fit which is unfortunately not a goal that is easy to accomplish for a lot of men. Poor eating habits and fat deposits are issues that are all too common. Thus a lot of men now days turn to body sculpturing or liposuction to don a more desirable and masculine figure.

Now as a cosmetic surgical procedure, liposuction does require some fairly invasive incision – albeit small ones that a good plastic surgeon can effectively hide and makes the procedure relatively easy to recover from. Body sculpturing for men can be an ideal and highly effective solution for attractively shaping a man’s body by strategically and artistically eliminating stubborn fat deposits on selected problem areas of the body.

The great thing about liposuction is that nearly every area of the body can be treated – love handles, abdomens, the neck, the thighs and the upper arms just to mention a few. Many people turn to facial liposuction as well to achieve a more balanced and attractive facial appearance.

What you need to know about male liposuction

Now if you are a man or know a man interested in undergoing a body sculpturing operation through liposuction then one of the first things that you ought to know is that the procedure often costs significantly more compared to that of a female patient. It’s because stubborn fat deposits on a man’s body are more fibrous compared to that of women and is a lot more difficult for plastic surgeons to work with.

The higher cost also comes with the bigger area that needs to be treated since most men are no doubt larger than women. Of course the cost of body sculpturing can depend on the problem areas being targeted and the degree of correction necessary to achieve the desired results.

The typical price range for a liposuction operation here at Australia Plastic Surgery is approximately $ 4,900 to $ 9,500 which again depends on the number of areas being treated and the complexity of the operation. Call us today on 02 9561 0200 or 1300 004 008 to book a consultation and learn more about liposuction for men!

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Breast Q&A: Will High Profile Breast Implants or Moderate Plus Give Me Natural Looking Breasts?

Question - Will High Profile breast implants give me natural looking breasts vs Moderate or Moderate Plus?

I am 5’4″ 125lbs, 31″ ribcage, 34C (wanting at least a DD) and my breast measures 13cm wide. I told my PS I wanted large, very nice looking (not high and ball-looking) breasts. He told me he will use a smooth, round, High Profile, 500cc silicone implant and it will look “very nice” with a “nice downward slope”. Everywhere on the internet says that high profiles don’t give a really nice natural look, and that moderate profiles do. Will high profile breast implants give me large, full, and natural-looking breasts with nice cleavage?

Answer - Although I use Moderate Plus or Moderate Profile prosthesis in the vast majority of cases, given your base width dimension of 13.0cm and your wanting a 500cc implant, a High Profile implant would be appropriate.

In answer to your question, it is not so much the size of the prosthesis that results in a ‘natural’ or ‘unnatural’ look but rather the surgical technique used in relationship to the pre-operative breast appearance.

If, on examination, your nipple to inframammary fold distance is 5.0cm – 6.0cm (meaning that the fold does not need to be lowered excessively), then a high profile implant can be placed in a position that provides adequate inferior/lower pole projection and avoids creating an overly round upper half of the breast (i.e. the “high, ball-looking” and ‘unnatural’ look you don’t like).

That said, there are many women who like the look of round, projecting breasts with upper pole fullness (high cleavage) – neither look is ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ so to speak, they’re just different. Every plastic surgeon has a certain aesthetic style they prefer (re: some aim for the most natural looking shape and size possible while other find the ‘high and round’ look more attractive), but at the end of the day, if the patient is clear about the way they want their breast to look after surgery, it’s my job as their surgeon to achieve it (within reason of course).

Breast implant profiles: high profile vs moderate vs moderate plus

Breast implant profiles: high vs moderate plus vs low

Before diving into a few specific recommendations given the measurements you provided, here are my general thoughts on each of the 3 Mentor breast implant profile types:

High Profile vs Moderate Plus vs Moderate Profile Breast Implants

  • High Profile Breast Implants or “HP” implants have the narrowest base width but the most outward projection (think thin & tall), creating a very full, round and youthful look. When used appropriately (re: in cases where the width of the breast, amount of breast tissue, nipple position, amount of skin, elasticity of the skin will benefit from High Profile’s shape and fill), high profile implants can achieve a very pleasing final result.
  • Moderate Profile Breast Implants are comparable to a softly domed circular pillow (though much smaller of course). The width of the chest covered is moderate-to-wide and outward projection is perky yet still very natural, especially in comparison to the original “Low Profile” models which are quite a bit flatter. Compared to “High Profile” implants, Moderate Profile will typically create a more natural looking upper breast appearance (by providing a flatter & more gradual downward slope). **That said, Mods do not fit well within patients with average-to-narrow base widths who want a lot of volume (e.g. 400cc and higher).
  • Moderate Plus Profile Breast Implants (or “Mod+”) are a relatively newer model. Their shape is, as the name implies, in-between the Moderate and High Profile breast implants. By splitting the difference between the base width and projection of High & Moderate profile implants, I’ve found that fit best in the vast majority of augmentation cases I perform. Patients also favor the more “natural” looking shape and look that the Moderate Plus implants offer compared to a similarly sized high profile implant.

When considering HP implants, many women believe that they will give them more fullness high on the chest (the “upper pole”) and that a low profile implant will shape the middle & lower parts of the breast. And yet, the opposite is true. Because a high profile implant pushes out from the chest wall more than any other profile, the implant will push out the central and lower parts of the breast the most. Thus, high profile implants create a pointy, much more rounded breast. Conversely, lower/moderate profile breast implants push the areolas out from the chest wall the least, which creates a softer, flatter, more ‘natural looking’ breast.

The other important technical consideration when using a larger high-profile prosthesis is ensuring adequate release of the inferior (re: lower) origin of the pectoralis muscle. Doing so allows the chest to expand adequately and helps to avoid/minimize a constricted, overly tight appearance – which will cause the prosthesis to sit too high and you’ll get the exact opposite effect of what you would like to achieve.

Mentor Silicone Breast Implant Profiles - Low, Moderate, Moderate Plus & High Profile Implants

Mentor Silicone Breast Implant Profiles – Low, Moderate, Moderate Plus & High

And while I now almost universally use high profile or moderate plus implants (~10% and ~80% respectively), given your base width dimension of 13.0cm and your wanting 500cc of added volume, high profile implants (which I use roughly ~10% of the time) would be appropriate. If correctly performed, you should be able to achieve your desired result.

High Profile Breast Implant Before & After by Dr. DeLuca - Albany, NY

An example of 350cc high profile saline breast implants (filled to 390cc) in a 5'0", 108lbs patient. Before & after photos taken from the front demonstrate a substantial amount upper pole fullness.

Breast Augmentation with High Profile Implants

Before & after high profile breast implant photos taken from the oblique angle not only show upper pole fullness, but also how the breasts maintain a pleasing shape thanks to proper sizing and placement of the implant.

In the example case above, 350cc in either a Moderate or Moderate Plus profile would have caused issues given the space constraints of the patient’s petite 5ft frame. In cases similar to this, selecting the right implant size and profile allowed me to fashion an almost imperceptible inframammary incision and optimally positioned breast pocket. To view more photos of this patient, click here.

Breast Q&A: Will High Profile Breast Implants or Moderate Plus Give Me Natural Looking Breasts? by William DeLuca, MD – board certified plastic surgeon at DeLuca Plastic Surgery in Albany, NY.

DeLuca Plastic Surgery – Albany NY

Breast Q&A: What’s the Best Way to Correct Grade 1 Breast Ptosis (Sagging)? Implant, Lift or Both?

Question – What is the best way to correct breast ptosis, high or moderate profile implants, a breast lift or both?

Stage I Breast Ptosis

Breast sagging after pregnancy

I am 36 years old, breastfed 2 kids, and have lost volume in my breasts. I have some sagging but my nipple is still over the fold. I weigh 130 pounds and am very fit and toned.

I am 5″4″ and my breast size is a 34B. Before my kids I was a 34C cup. When I was breastfeeding I was a 34D cup. I would like to be a D cup and wonder what type of procedure would be best to correct my ptosis?

Answer – Since you have a small amount of glandular ptosis (pseudoptosis), you not only want to fill-OUT, but lift-UP a little as well. Therefore, my approach would be a dual plane breast augmentation, which would fill out the inferior/lower pole nicely, give you muscle coverage across the upper two thirds of the breast and a nice, slightly lifted appearance.

More specifically, given your body measurements and photo (which shows pseudoptosis with mild Grade 1 ptosis), I suspect that 450cc moderate plus profile implants are needed to give you both the breast size (D cup) and breast lift you desire.

How To Classify/Grade Breast Ptosis

Simply put, grade 1, 2 or 3 glandular ptosis, which refers to how far the areola is sagging below the inframammary fold beneath the breast, the lower attachment point of the breast to the chest wall.

  • Grade 1: Mild Ptosis – The nipple is at the level of the inframammary fold, but most of the breast tissue is below the nipple.
  • Grade 2: Moderate Ptosis – The nipple is located below the inframammary fold and below the majority of the bottom breast tissue.
  • Grade 3: Advanced Ptosis – The nipple is far below the inframammary fold and points towards the floor.
  • Pseudoptosis – The nipple lies above or at the level of the inframammary fold while the majority of the breast has descended below the level of the fold. This is not true ptosis, or sagging.

Diagram of breast ptosis (drooping/sagging) degrees/stages

The degrees/stages of breast ptosis (drooping/sagging)

What Causes Breasts To Sag?

Before jumping into procedure options to correct Grade 1 ptosis, I first want to briefly explore the causes and effects of ptosis. There are many reasons why breasts droop, sag and deflate over time. Structurally, as breasts lose firmer glandular tissue, the body replaces it with fatty tissue, which is softer and more prone to drooping/sagging. And since breasts naturally contain no muscle, they are very susceptible to the effects of gravity and aging. All women will experience some degree of ptosis, or sagging of their breasts as they grow older, but every woman will experience the process differently depending on how they score on the following 5 measures:

  • skin elasticity
  • cigarette smoking
  • number of pregnancies
  • breast size before pregnancy
  • high body mass index (BMI)

Eventually, all breasts yield to gravity, but cigarette smoking speeds up the process by breaking down proteins in the skin called elastin, which control skin elasticity. Less elastic skin = more sagging. Breastfeeding or weight loss are also common contributors to breast deflation and droop. Numerous studies have shown that the expansion and contraction which occurs during pregnancy exacerbates the potential for ptosis, with the effects increasing with each additional pregnancy.

n.b. a recent and widely reported study of twins showed that breast feeding, daily moisturizing and hormone replacement therapy effectively slowed down the aging and sagging of breasts.

How To Correct Pseudoptosis & Grade 1 Breast Ptosis (Sagging)

There are several procedure options for correcting pseudoptosis and Grade 1 ptosis. In cases of pseudoptosis, a dual plane breast augmentation using appropriately sized implants can create enough projection, fill and nipple-areola rotation and elevation to produce an attractive, mastopexy-free result that will hold up well over time.

Breast implant position options - submuscular vs subglandular vs subfascial vs dual plane

Breast implant position options: submuscular vs subglandular vs subfascial vs dual plane

By positioning the implant partially behind the breast tissue (subglandular) and partially under the pectoral muscle (submuscular), between .5cm and 1cm of lift can be achieved without the need for a vertical (lollipop), peri-areolar or circum-areolar (“donut” or Benelli) incision. The case below is a good example of how effective a well performed dual plane augmentation can be at correcting glandular pseudoptosis:


Before & after dual-plant augmentation to correct pseudoptosis. Click here to view the complete set.

In breasts that have enough sag, droop and/or deflation to be classified as Grade 1, some type of breast lift (mastopexy) is needed to tighten loose skin and elevate the nipple-areolas. Whether a vertical (lollipop), peri-areolar or circum-areolar (“donut” or Benelli) incision is needed will depend on an array of factors (which I plan to outline in a future post).

In most cases of grade 1 or 2 ptosis, a small-to-medium sized implant is needed to regain noticeable upper-pole fullness and achieve the fuller, perkier and more youthful looking shape some many of my patients desire. See below for a good example of the amount of droop, sag and deflation can be corrected by simultaneously lifting and augmenting the breasts in a single procedure:

Breast Augmentation (Mastopexy) Before and After - Grade I Ptosis

Before & after breast augmentation + lift utilizing 375cc moderate saline implants filled to 410cc bilaterally to correct 1st degree ptosis. Click here to view the complete set.

In closing, my final bit of advice is simply that you seek out the most experienced and talented ABS-certified plastic surgeon you can find because your case is by no means a ‘straight forward’ augmentation and/or mastopexy. Achieving breasts that not only project an attractive, perky shape but also hold up over time (re: 10+ years) will certainly require a high degree of skill and precision on the part of your surgeon. So take your time and choose wisely.

  • Sofia Vergara says she is going to get a breast lift because she’s jealous of Gisele’s boobs (

Breast Q&A: What’s the Best Way to Correct Grade 1 Breast Ptosis (Sagging)? Implant, Lift or Both? by William DeLuca, MD – board certified plastic surgeon at DeLuca Plastic Surgery in Albany, NY.

DeLuca Plastic Surgery – Albany NY

Are you thinking of investing in breast implants?

Do you have your heart set on getting breast implants in the hopes of addressing any issues you might have about your breast size and achieve a more desirable figure? A lot of women certainly do and it’s not at all surprising considering that a full and attractive breast size is something that desired by all.

Women ought to be able to decide for themselves what to do with their body and make improvements as they please. When it comes to a fuller and more desirable breast size, getting breast implants in Sydney presents the ideal and most effective solution!

All about plastic surgery breast implants

Over the past 40 years, breast augmentation with plastic surgery breast implants has emerged as among the best and most sought after cosmetic surgical operations among women. The operation in itself may seem relatively simple – making an incision and then inserting the breast implant into place.

Make no mistake though, breast augmentation is anything but simple and requires considerable experience and skill to effectively and safely perform not to mention cost of breast implants.

Now despite the complex nature and the significant cost of breast implants, there are a ton of reasons for women to pursue such an operation any way. A women’s breast naturally sags as she ages and the process can significantly be compounded with weight problems and the stress of pregnancy which can cause significant changes in a woman’s body.

Women who wish to restore or improve their breast to a fuller and more desirable form can look to breast implants for the desired results.

Of course, breast augmentation is not for everybody and it does have its risk as an invasive surgical operation. Ideally, patients undergoing such an operation must be at least 20 years of age to ensure that the breast had fully developed.

More importantly, candidates of the said operation must be of sound health and with no underlying conditions that may jeopardize the results of the operation – diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease, etc. Despite the risks, breast implants are relatively safe when performed by an experienced and highly qualified breast surgeon.

What to expect out of breast implants?

Indeed breast implants can bring truly remarkable results for any women looking to improve and ultimately become happier with their appearance with a fuller and more desirable breast size. However it is important that you set the right expectations prior to committing to the said procedure and your breast surgeon ought to be able to help you do just that. Get in touch with us today here at Australia Plastic Surgery on 02 9561 0200 or 1300 004 008 to learn more about breast augmentation and what it has to offer.

Our breast surgeons are some of the best and most experienced in the business and can certainly help you better anticipate the desired results.

It is a woman’s prerogative to do with her body as she pleases and if that means making improvements in their appearance with a fuller and more desirable breast size then you certainly can’t go wrong with breast implants!

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Mommy Makeover Q&A: What Will My Mommy Makeover Recovery Time Be?

Question – How long is the down time during a mommy makeover recovery? How much pain will I be in after surgery?

What is recovery like with a mommy makeover? I have scheduled both a breast augmentation with lift and a tummy tuck and am pretty scared. I am worried that the pain will be unbearable.

I know medication will be provided but I do not want to be comatose. I have 2 small children and a wonderful husband that will be taking 100% care of all 3 of us but I also want to be coherent. Will I be alert and will I be in so much pain as to scare my children? I have had 2 c sections and the pain was completely bearable.

Answer – Both procedures, breast augmentation and tummy tuck, come with a certain degree of pain and discomfort; that said, every patient’s pain tolerance is different. Most patients feel “uncomfortable” for the first few days, but after about a week, begin to feel reasonably well. By the 2nd or 3rd week, you should be back to performing most of your normal, day-to-day activities.

Pain level and recovery time are two of the most commonly asked questions of my mommy makeover patients – it’s very important that you make the most of your early-recovery. Ample rest and low-to-no stress is key. Pain during recovery can also be a big part of that trepidation. The best place to start answering this question is to consider the surgical plans behind your personal transformation.

It’s important to know the details of each procedure in order to make the best decisions regarding your own mommy makeover. While each makeover is tailored to the individuals needs and goals of each and every patient, the surgery usually includes a breast enhancement and some body contouring procedures.

Most mommy makeovers include

  • breast augmentation and/or breast lift
  • liposuction
  • tummy tuck

With my patients, I discuss each procedure in depth, and make sure we talk about all aspects of the surgery AND recovery. This not only helps me get a sense of your aesthetic goals, but also set proper expectations for your recovery from mommy makeover surgery.

Breast Augmentation
When we talk about breast implants and breast lifts, we’ll discuss size, shape, and texture, as well as incision types, and placement. Some incisions are more invasive than others, but this generally depends on the type of implant you choose. Silicone implants require an inframammary incision. This is an incision along the natural crease under the breast. This is considered a more invasive incision. Another option is a periareolar incision, which is an incision around the areola.

Tummy Tuck & Liposuction
With a tummy tuck combined with liposuction, you’re looking at the same length of recovery period as you may have experienced with C section surgeries. With this surgery, however, recovery and level of pain depends on how much of the musculature needs to be repaired. Pregnancy causes the abdominal muscles to relax in order to facilitate expansion to carry a child. After childbirth, sometimes these muscles don’t regain their tone. In addition to getting rid of excess fat and skin, a big part of a tummy tuck is repairing these muscles. I generally discuss everything from mini tummy tucks to standard abdominoplasty with patients, based on what needs to happen to achieve their goals.

Mommy Makeover - Before & After

Before & After Mommy Makeover Surgery (3 months Post-Op) – This 5’4″, 122 lb mother of two underwent a breast augmentation with a periareolar “donut” mastopexy plus a full abdominoplasty with liposuction of the hips and love handles. Click here to view more photos of this patient.

Mommy Makeover Recovery Stages

The recovery time of a mommy makeover is significantly shorter than if you were to have the procedures separately. The following is a guide to the recovery process and what to expect. However, recovery time for this procedure will vary from patient to patient. It important to talk to your doctor about your recovery period and when you will be able to resume normal activity and exercise. It is often difficult for mothers to refrain from their day to day activities with their children, but ample rest following surgery can be the key to a speedy recovery.

Mommy Makeover Recovery – the hours following surgery

A mommy makeover procedure is performed on patients under general anesthesia so the patient is to be asleep during the entire process. In the hours following surgery, the anesthesia will start to wear away, and you will wake feeling tired and weak. When the doctor releases you from the hospital, it is important to have someone there to drive you home. An adult caregiver should be with you at all times for the first 24-48 hours following the surgery.

Mommy Makeover Recovery – Week 1-2

During the first couple of weeks following surgery a family member or loved one needs to be available for help with your day to day needs, including taking care of your children. You will be pretty sore; its important to clear your busy schedule and get plenty of rest. Somethings you should avoid include:

  • anything that would cause stress and physical or emotional discomfort.
  • physical activity besides short walks in the house (becoming active too quickly can increase the risk of a complication)
  • picking things up from the ground and any heavy lifting

Mommy Makeover Recovery – Week 3-5

During these weeks, you can start gradually resuming some of your day to day activities. You will begin to feel good again and will be able to move around more normally. You should still avoid any heavy lifting and only resume driving if you are off your pain medication. Refrain from exercise until your doctor releases you to do so.

Mommy Makeover Recovery – Week 6 and beyond

In week 6 of your mommy makeover recovery period, you will be able to resume full activity, including exercise. Although most of the tough recovery time is over, it is still important to take care of yourself. Attend all follow up appointments with your doctor to ensure your incisions are healing properly.

Last but not least…

Generally speaking, the more invasive the surgery is, the more downtime you’ll need to recover. The level of pain, however, is really unique to the patient’s personal threshold. Everyone responds to pain differently. When you mention that your c-sections were bearable, my hunch is that you will be fine! My only advice would be to consider bed rest for the first week. The best results are ensured through good care during initial recovery. Somewhere during the 2nd and 3rd weeks, the vast majority of patients are able to comfortably perform most light to moderate activities without worry.

Mommy Makeover Q&A: What Will My Mommy Makeover Recovery Time Be? by William DeLuca, MD – board certified plastic surgeon at DeLuca Plastic Surgery in Albany, NY.

DeLuca Plastic Surgery – Albany NY

A Good Look at Breast Augmentation

Is breast augmentation really worth looking into? You might be wondering about the very same thing yourself and for a lot of women who feel held back by their small or asymmetric breast size, the answer is certainly a resounding yes! There’s no denying that a fuller and attractive breast size is something that many women desire and can certainly contribute to a woman’s self-esteem and confidence. It’s hardly surprising then that breast augmentation in Sydney is actually one of the most popular and most sought after cosmetic surgery operations for women.

What you should know about breast augmentation surgery

Now if you are indeed interested in undergoing a breast augmentation surgery operation then it is important to know exactly what you are getting yourself into. The price of breast augmentation is no laughing matter and can be quite significant not to mention the details about what is actually involved in such a procedure.

For starters, know that breast augmentation implants can vary in terms of type and size as well as the strategies and methodologies used by plastic surgeons throughout the procedure. In order to make the most out of whatever investment you are looking to make in breast augmentation, it would be best to know all that you can about the said procedure before jumping in on anything.

Now among the most important factors that people need to consider when it comes to breast augmentation is cost. Although the cost of such procedures have gone down over the decades it is still fairly significant especially when opting for an established and reputable cosmetic surgeon.

Hence women interested in the said procedure need to make sure that they are fully prepared to finance the operation and even so, breast surgery isn’t for everybody so expect a good breast surgeon to run some tests to make sure that you are a good candidate for the procedure. Ideally, you should be of relatively healthy with no significant medical conditions like diabetes and heart diseases which can jeopardise safe and effective results.

Having determined that you are indeed a good fit for breast augmentation, your breast surgeon will then recommend a breast implant of certain kind and size. Almost all reputable plastic surgeons now days opt for the silicone gel breast implant as it yields more natural looking results and are a lot less susceptible to complications compared to the conventional saline breast implant. Your breast surgeon will then match the results desired with the right breast implant.

Now another thing that women ought to consider in breast augmentation is that opting for a good and capable breast surgeon is extremely important and can mean the difference between getting exactly what you want out of the procedure and botched results which can cost a heck of a lot more to fix. Some choose to opt for less reputable breast surgeons simply because they charge a lot less without considering the risks that they are running into.

The notion “Why pay more when you can get it for less” simply does not apply in breast augmentation surgery – experienced and highly reputable breast surgeons have painstakingly earned the right to charge more for their services compared to their less experienced and less reputable peers as they implement safer and more effective techniques in breast enlargement surgery that often yields the best and most desirable results that patients can appreciate and quickly recover from.

You can expect all that and more here at Australia Plastic Surgery and the hundreds of highly satisfied patients that we’ve had over the years. Our cosmetic surgery clinics represent your best choice when it comes to breast Augmentation in Australia. Get in touch with us today on 02 9561 0200 or 1300 004 008 to arrange a consultation.

Here are a couple of other things that women ought to know about undergoing breast augmentation:

  • It is an invasive surgical procedure done with general anaesthesia – this is often a fact that a lot of women fail to consider when it comes to breast surgery operations. Indeed it is a cosmetic procedure done primarily to improve a woman’s physical appearance but it is still an invasive surgical procedure and hence subject to the same risks as any surgical operation.
  • Yes it does involve the use of anaesthesia and in most cases; you’ll be asleep throughout the procedure. The kind of anaesthesia and the means in which it is administered can vary which is something that the breast surgeon and anaesthetist will have to decide on. Such a decision can greatly affect results and recovery times so again it is important to have an established and qualified breast surgeon on the job for the best possible results.
  • As an invasive surgical procedure, breast augmentation of course involves making incisions on the breast area in which to properly insert and position the breast implants. An experienced and highly reputable breast surgeon ought to be able to create the necessary incisions with the least tissue damage and scarring for quicker recovery times and desirable results. You can expect a good breast surgeon to create the incisions around hidden areas surrounding the breasts such as the arm pit, the area around the nipples and the base of the breast.
  • The shape, size and location of the incision all depend on type of and size of the breast implant used as well as the anatomy of the patient. Your breast surgeon will then carefully introduce the breast implant through the incision and secure it in place to produce the desired effect. The incisions are then closed using multiple sutures secured with surgical adhesives that slowly disappear as the incisions heals.

Is breast enlargement surgery really for you?

Now at this point we’ve pretty much covered what women ought to expect and consider when it comes to breast augmentation. However the question remains – is it really the right solution for you? Well it certainly is if you are looking for a truly effective solution towards a fuller and more desirable breast size. Nothing else comes close to it when it comes to results although the procedure can be a lot of trouble and expensive to undergo.

Recovery also takes some time not to mention the ton of preparations that have to be made but a lot women would agree that the results from breast augmentation makes it all worth it!

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In Memory of Dr. Richard E. Fitzpatrick

On the Shoulders of Giants    Dr. Rox Anderson on left and Fitz on the right in March of 2014 and at the ASLMS laser meeting several years ago. I was extremely saddened to see the passing of Dermatology and Human icon Richard E. Fitzpatrick. In every profession, you can sift through the total membership [...]
Joe Niamtu III, DMD – Cosmetic Facial Surgery

Opting for a Nose Job Surgery in Sydney

Are you interested in getting a nose job surgery in Sydney? Such a procedure is also known as “rhinoplasty” as it is technically referred to in the industry taken from 2 Greek words “Rhinos” which means nose and “Plassein” which means to mould or form.

Now people generally opt for rhinoplasty surgery in Sydney for two reasons – aesthetics or reconstruction. Nose jobs can be done purely to enhance a patient’s looks or to improve nasal functions which can be compromised by accidental trauma, injury or physical defects. As a complex cosmetic surgical procedure, nose job cost in Sydney can be rather significant although a lot of people would certainly agree that it’s all well worth it!

A good look at rhinoplasty surgery in Sydney

Indeed getting a nose job in Australia can be a complex affair hence anyone interested in undergoing such an operation needs to know all that they can about it. A nose job operation primarily revolves around making desirable changes in the shape of the nasal bones and cartilage for a more pleasant and desirable appearance.

It is highly recommended for anyone struggling with poorly shaped, misshapen or hump-filled nose. As an invasive surgical procedure, a nose job surgery in Sydney is performed with some type of sedative in the form of either local or general anaesthesia.

A plastic surgeon can perform the procedure in two ways – open or closed rhinoplasty. The latter involves limiting the incisions on the nostrils while an open rhinoplasty expands the incisions to include the columella which is the centre tissue separating the nostrils. In order to work their magic, cosmetic surgeons need to clear skin and tissue from the nasal cartilage and bones and then carefully putting everything back together after doing the desired changes.

As a cosmetic surgical procedure, patients can expect a good plastic surgeon to employ great care and skill to yield aesthetically desirable results which of course includes among other things, creating and patching up the necessary incisions to be as inconspicuous as possible and minimise the possibility of scarring.

The cost of a nose job

In terms of cost, a nose job surgery in Sydney is generally considered an elective procedure performed by a specialist that adds to the cost which can be rather significant for most people interested in the procedure. As an elective cosmetic surgical operation, it’s not typically something that insurance programs would readily cover.

A typical rhinoplasty procedure can cost approximately $ 6,000 which includes surgeon fees, clinical fees and other expenses. Of course these are just mere estimates and the cost can be much higher depending on the results desired.

The risks of nose surgery

Of course just as it is with any surgical procedure, a nose job surgery certainly has its risks. The risk of infection, excessive bleeding and botched operations are all potential hazards of cosmetic surgery. Significantly mitigating such risks depends on your choice in a plastic surgeon that will actually perform and oversee the procedure.

Needless to say, it is important that you opt for some of the best and you can certainly expect nothing less out of Australia Plastic Surgery! Call us today on 02 9561 0200 or 1800 004 008 to arrange a consultation for a nose job surgery in Sydney.

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What are the benefits and risks of collagen?

Collagen is one of the most abundant natural proteins in the body which is important in building structural support for tendons, bones and ligaments. It is the main component that gives texture and shape to the skin. Collagen supports in shaping the tissue and maintains it strong and firm. Collagen along with elastic and keratin provides the skin with its elasticity, strength and structure.

The human body naturally develops the collagen that it requires, but this is gradually decreased as a part of natural aging. Scientifically, women develop less collagen protein than men and a woman naturally lost about half of this protein from her body by almost at the age of 50. As we age, the amount of collagen in the human body reduces and the skin become thinner or more delicate. This breakdown of collagen lead to the aging features such as sagging skin, wrinkles and fine lines and weakening bones as well. Other factors that affect collagen production in the body are sun exposure, skin damage, nutrition, exposure to toxic elements and smoking.

Many people use collagen supplements to reduce the effect of aging process. Collagen supplements are available in the forms of creams, pills and injections, providing skin restorative effects. Collagen based cream help to reduce wrinkles and renew old look. Collagen supplements in liquid or pill form provides rejuvenating skin effects and some help in weight loss process.

Collagen in cosmetic surgery

In cosmetic surgery field, collagen injections are widely used to promote youthful skin appearance. Collagen injection treatment is a non surgical cosmetic surgery procedure that can make your skin look fuller, removing facial wrinkles. By injecting highly purified form of collagen to different facial areas, natural collagen protein is replenished and supports in improving various aging signs including wrinkles and facial lines to achieve a smoother look. This non surgical cosmetic surgery method is also useful in artificial skin construction procedure for burn victims. It is important for a prospective patient to understand the different issues related to collagen injection based on cosmetic surgery methods. When considering such a treatment you need to understand the benefits and risks that involved in.


Compared to collagen based creams and serums, the best effective and safe method is collagen injection. It can significantly reduce wrinkles and fine lines and provide improved skin firmness and texture. Collagen fillers are also used to improve the volume of lip tissue. It is also used to fill and improve the scarring caused due to acne. Along with skin, collagen based supplements also help in improving the appearance of nails and hair. In medical field, collagen is widely used in reconstructive surgery of bones and tissues. It also used as dietary supplement to improve joint mobility.


The risk of collagen treatment varies depending on what type of collagen you receive. Allergic reactions to collagen treatment are considered as the biggest risk. Some people have allergic reactions to collagen based injections. All cosmetic surgeons perform a skin test prior to such treatment to determine sensitivity. Sometimes a swelling in the specific injected area is appeared as a temporary reaction. The open sores caused due to injection may be lead to bacterial infection.

If you are considering a collagen based treatment, it is important to find out a skilled cosmetic surgeon or dermatologist to carry out the procedure as there are a number of expert surgeons offering cosmetic surgery in Birmingham, UK. You need to consult with the doctor to know more about the treatment benefits, side effects, precautions, treatment response and other surgery information.